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You Don’t Have to be Royalty to Get a Crown

You Don’t Have to be Royalty to Get a Crown

Dental CrownWhile being Prince Charles or the King of Siam is all well and good, you don’t have to be from a royal bloodline to receive one of the most common dental tooth restorations, a crown.

Dr. Egger uses crowns to repair teeth that are damaged and to anchor bridges onto adjacent healthy teeth. A crown can be made of either metal alloy or porcelain.

Reasons to have a crown

Crowns can have a wide variety of uses. The most common are:

  • If a tooth is deeply cracked or worn
  • If a tooth has a very large cavity
  • If a tooth has a root canal procedure
  • If a tooth is abnormally small, oddly shaped, or very discolored

How are crowns placed?

Fitting and placing a crown is two-step process. First, the tooth in question is evaluated using x-rays to determine the damage. Once a crown is deemed necessary (for instance, when a cavity is so large that too much of the tooth mass will be lost), Dr. Egger will discuss your options with you. If you choose porcelain, we’ll match the color to your other teeth.

Then the tooth is prepared. If there is decay, it is removed and filled. If a portion of a damaged tooth needs to be removed to make the tooth stable, we will do that. Next, a portion of the healthy remaining tooth is removed to make room for the crown to be placed atop the tooth. Then, we take impressions of the tooth to be crowned and the adjacent teeth. These impressions are sent to the dental lab to fabricate your crown. To cover the prepared tooth while your crown is being made, a temporary acrylic crown is placed on the tooth.

When your crown is finished, you return and we check the fit. Then Dr. Egger bonds it permanently onto your tooth. Any final shaping and polishing is done, and you’re good to go.

You don’t have to be Prince Harry to wear a crown. If you have a tooth that needs attention, call Dr. Egger at 989-773-3560 for an appointment.