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General & Cosmetic Dentistry in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Kenneth Egger, DDS Family Dentistry


Family Dentistry Mount Pleasant

At our family dentistry in Mount Pleasant, we are committed to doing high quality dentistry in a friendly, caring and compassionate environment. We strive to take good care of the entire family’s oral health. Many families that we serve include 3 generations. Our goal is to do the dentistry for your family like we would want done on our own families.

We offer many options of treatments including tooth fillings, dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, root canals, dentures, and more for our patients and can go as fast or as slow as our patients need to complete their treatment.

We offer fillings in silver amalgam, direct composite and indirect gold. The choice of filling is up to the patient, but we will advise the pros and cons of each material depending on the location of the filling to be done. We also offer crowns (caps) in gold, porcelain fused to metal and metal-free all ceramic crowns.

We are also located right next to Central Michigan University.

For the treatment of gum disease which includes periodontitis and gingivitis, we preform traditional scaling and root planing. To augment the scaling and root planing we can deliver site specific antibiotics such as Arestin or Atridox to further promote healing of the gums. We also have a diode laser for helping to promote healing of diseased gum tissue after scaling and root planing.

Kenneth Egger, DDS Family Dentistry | Mount Pleasant, MI


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