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Are Whitening Toothpastes Just Hype?

teeth whitening Mt Pleasant, MI

Are Whitening Toothpastes Just Hype?

Shelf space is the new king of the supermarket. Just take the products made just down the road in Battle Creek — cereal. No longer is there just a Special K; there is Special K with strawberries, Special K with almonds, Special K with cinnamon, Special K with gummy bears. OK, not that last one. But you get the idea. Now Special K takes up four times the shelf space it once did.

The same is true with toothpaste, and it can get confusing. Between tartar control, breath freshening (isn’t that the point of brushing?), hydrogen peroxide containing, and muscle building…OK, not that last one…it’s hard to know what toothpaste to choose.

One of the culprits is the famed “whitening” toothpaste. The question is, do they whiten your teeth any more than regular toothpaste with fluoride?

In the name of science, and Dr. Egger’s patients, let’s see.

Limited goals

Whitening toothpaste focus on surface stains on your teeth, such as those caused by drinking coffee or red wine. These stains are on the outermost surface of your tooth enamel. Whitening toothpaste can break down these stains, although not with instantly dramatic results.

Unlike teeth whitening options, whitening toothpaste do not contain peroxide. This is the ingredient that gives teeth whitening programs their real power to whiten teeth. Instead, whitening toothpaste use special abrasives that gently polish the teeth, along with other chemicals that help break down stains.

There is a fine line here — too much abrasion and the tooth enamel can be worn down. That’s why whitening toothpaste can only go so far. Without peroxide, they must remove stains by gently scrubbing off the stains.

Some whitening toothpaste contain the chemical blue covering. This adheres to the surface of the teeth and creates an optical illusion that can make teeth appear less yellow. Dr. Egger doesn’t recommend these types of whitening toothpaste.

Instead, Dr. Egger believes you can get moderate whitening with a whitening toothpaste that simply attacks stains. Be sure to look for approval by the American Dental Association, however.

The best way to keep your teeth shiny and white is to visit Dr. Egger twice yearly for your exam and professional cleaning. We will scrub away those coffee and red wine stains on your teeth, all the while making sure your gums look good, and you don’t have any decay.

Is it time for your next visit? Call us at 989-773-3560 to make your appointment.


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