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What the Gums Tell You About Your Dental Health

African-American woman with gum inflammationYour gums are more than just the aesthetic “frame” for your teeth. The gums are tissues that can tell you a lot about your oral health if you know what to look for. Dr. Kenneth Egger and his team in Mount Pleasant, MI, work routinely with patients in and around the area who are looking to achieve and maintain their oral health and wellness with the assistance of an experienced dental professional. At his office, patients are educated on how to maintain a healthy smile and what issues to look for that may indicate a serious problem is developing. Your gum tissues can help with this, allowing you to be proactive in your oral health needs.

  • Signs of a healthy smile. If your gums are bright, smooth, and even in coloring, you aren’t having any issues in this area of your mouth. This is the proper color and appearance of the gums if you are not experiencing issues such as gum disease. However, pain in teeth may indicate a problem elsewhere, such as a cavity or infection. These can still occur if your smile appears to look healthy when using the gum tissue as an indicator.
  • Signs of an unhealthy smile. However, if your gums are redder than normal or show indications of swelling in the tissue, it could be a sign that you have some underlying problem developing. Other signs to watch for include bleeding when brushing or flossing, or seeing puffy tissue around the base of your teeth. This might mean that you are experiencing the early signs of periodontal disease, sometimes referred to as gingivitis. While this condition is easily reversible, the later stages of periodontal disease, known as periodontitis, are not. The development of gum disease is preventable, and once it has developed, it cannot be “cured” in the traditional sense. However, Dr. Kenneth Egger can work with you to manage the condition and keep the health of the smile from getting worse with time.

What Do I Do if I Notice the Signs of Gum Disease?

Dr. Kenneth Egger is a Mount Pleasant, MI, area dentist who can assist both new and returning patients at his practice, ensuring proper care and attention for those who are interested in maintaining a smile free from disease and decay. Call 989-773-3560 to request your evaluation.