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What is the process of obtaining dental crowns?

Closeup of handsome guy wearing pink shirtDental crowns are a type of restoration that is commonly used in the field of dentistry. Dr. Kenneth Egger and his team in Mount Pleasant, MI work with patients to determine if they could benefit from dental crowns made of metal, porcelain, or porcelain-fused-to-metal. The process is simple and easy and allows for fast repair of one’s smile.

What is involved in obtaining dental crowns?

The steps in obtaining a dental crown are as follows:

  • Make an appointment with your dentist. This can be done through our website or over the phone.
  • Have a consultation to discuss your needs and what type of crown would be best for you. This is the perfect time to ask Dr. Kenneth Egger questions and compare crowns to other dental restorations.
  • Get a tooth mold or impression taken. After the tooth is prepared with the removal of natural tooth enamel, dental molds are completed.
  • Choose your material and color for the crown. We offer porcelain crowns, metal crowns, and PFM crowns for patients to choose from, each with different appearances and price points. During this appointment, the dentist may also place a temporary crown to protect the tooth in the meantime.
  • Wait for the crown to be made. The dental impressions are sent to a dental laboratory with specific instructions for the ceramist to fabricate the dental crown. This includes overall shape, size, and materials to ensure the crown matches the patient’s smile when looking for aesthetic results. This can take one to two weeks to complete.
  • Go back to the dentist for a final check-up and to have the crown cemented in place. This is the last appointment required, during which the new crown is bonded onto the tooth. Dr. Kenneth Egger will evaluate the fit and ensure the crown is ready for use!

How do I learn more?

Dental crowns are a popular tooth restoration option available with Dr. Kenneth Egger of Mount Pleasant, MI. If you have been considering crowns or have been told by another dentist that you could benefit from one, call 989-773-3560 to schedule a consultation visit with our team. We accept new and returning patients and can’t wait to meet you!