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The First Visit to Dr. Egger

Parents of babies are so busy cleaning up barf, changing diapers, making sure the house is baby-proof over and over again, and otherwise pulling their hair out that the idea of visiting a dentist, such as Dr. Egger, can slip right out between the synapses.

Ah, but Dr. Egger is well known around Mt. Pleasant and its surroundings for caring for generations of family teeth. And who doesn’t want to keep a good thing going, dental health-wise?

So, the question is — When should a kid see Dr. Egger for the first time?

What is pediatric dentistry?

Dr. Egger doesn’t really think of caring for his smaller patients as a different form of dentistry, but it does have a different name — pediatric dentistry. This area of dental practice targets the oral health of children from birth until adolescence.

Taking care of children’s teeth demands some additional skills beyond pure dentistry. There’s an art to pediatric dentistry, acknowledging a child’s misgivings about going to the dentist, while at the same time performing the evaluations needed. A large part of our pediatric care is also educational, showing children the value of proper dental care along with the nuts and bolts of how to do it. This is important because good oral hygiene habits started early on in life usually stick with the person for the duration.

The first visit

The first dental visit to Dr. Egger should coincide with the eruption of the child’s first tooth, usually before the first birthday. Like adults, the American Dental Association recommends that children see their dentist every six months to achieve optimal dental health. This may seem like overkill considering your child has but one or two teeth, but it’s important at this time to develop the patterns of care. Plus, if there is a problem, we can see it early and decide on the proper course of care.

How do I keep my child’s baby teeth clean?

When you’re cleaning your baby’s teeth, you won’t use a regular toothbrush. You need a specifically designed soft-bristled infant toothbrush. With this soft toothbrush, you will brush the baby’s teeth and gums once a day. This will prevent the buildup of bacteria and plaque that can lead to cavities.

My child still sucks his thumb and uses a pacifier. Would this affect his teeth?

Thumb sucking and pacifier sucking are normal self-comforting behaviors in very small children. (We covered this in more detail in last month’s blog.) But if allowed to continue for too long, they can lead to dental problems. Normally, children grow out of these habits on their own, but if they persists until your child is three years old, we may recommend the use of a mouth appliance to counter this problem. Continued thumb sucking will lead to orthodontic issues, so it’s better to stop the practice rather than allow it to continue.

Do you have a tiny one who is ready for his or her first dental appointment? Give Dr. Egger a call at (989) 773-3560 to schedule your appointment. Remember, we are closed on Fridays in the summer.