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The Difference Between Resin Bonded and Cantilever Dental Bridges

dental-bridgesYour teeth are more than just tools you use to chew your food. They’re also an integral part of a confident smile and jaw health. However, decay is natural and sometimes can get the best of us. When this happens, teeth can rot and are usually treated with fillings and crowns. Unfortunately, that decay can be severe enough to where fillings and crowns aren’t effective.

When this happens, it’s often best to get a dental bridge. Dental bridges are a form of implant that ‘bridges’ the gap between natural teeth with a small, artificial implant designed to replace a few teeth. However, not all dental bridges are the same. Let’s delve into the difference between resin-bonded and cantilever dental bridges so you can decide which of them best fits your oral health needs.

Resin Bonded

This form of dental bridge uses bands of metal and resin to bond artificial teeth to nearby natural teeth. The metal bands are connected on the back of the teeth to be more discreet. This form of dental bridge is quicker and does not require any form of crown. Resin-bonded dental bridges are more common when replacing front teeth.


Cantilever dental bridges are similar to traditional bridges. The primary difference is that cantilever bridges are used for single-tooth anchors. This is where a patient only has one tooth where the bridge can attach. An example of when a single-tooth anchor would be used is a back tooth where there is only one point of attachment. The bridge uses two crowns to support the bridge on the single side of the attachment. Sometimes just one crown is used, depending on the situation.

Putting Your Best Smile Forward

As mentioned before, your teeth are a crucial part of your smile and your oral health. Thankfully, Dr. Kenneth Egger understands the value of not only keeping your teeth but also enhancing them. With over 28 years of experience, you can trust Dr. Egger’s expertise in giving you the smile you deserve. Contact Dr. Egger’s team at 989-773-3560 if you’re ready to take that first step toward oral success.