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Teeth Whitening – Your Ticket to a Dazzling Smile

Teeth Whitening – Your Ticket to a Dazzling Smile

The color of our teeth plays a very major role in making or breaking our smile. Having white teeth can give you a dazzling smile, while having yellow teeth can give your smile an ugly look. People with yellow teeth can even find it hard to mingle with others. A bad smile affects more than just your appearance; it affects all aspects of your life, and teeth whitening even your self-confidence.

Your teeth turn yellow as the enamel (which protects your teeth and gives them that shining white look) wears away. Once this first layer has eroded, the second layer of dentin becomes more visible. Dentin is yellow in color, and so the more enamel wears away, the more yellow shows through.

A number of treatment methods are available on the market for restoring the whiteness of your teeth. You’ve probably seen them in stores or on television. However, most of them are not effective—at least not without continual treatment, which can get very expensive. If you want to achieve the best results for the best overall price in the fastest time, talk to your dentist. Professional teeth whitening procedures are among the leading treatments in cosmetic dentistry—both in positive results and popularity.

At Kenneth Egger, DDS, we offer you the best teeth whitening procedures that will give you the five-star smile you have always wanted. The procedure is simple. Hydrogren peroxide is applied to the tooth and then further treated with lasers. The treatment is simple, quick, and one of the safest cosmetic treatments out there. You are out of the dentist’s office with whiter teeth in no time! It might take around a week for the full results to appear.

Although they can be a sign of more serious dental problems, yellow teeth are in and of themselves aren’t detrimental to your physical health. But the discoloration can seriously mar your physical appearance, causing a negative appearance on your self-confidence and social life. If you want to get white, shining teeth and a dazzling smile, talk to your dentist about how to best whiten your teeth.