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Signs You Might Need a Root Canal and Why You Shouldn’t Delay

A man holding his jaw experiencing pain from a root canalA root canal is a common dental procedure that can save severely decayed teeth.

Identifying the signs that you might need a root canal can help you maintain oral health. It can also prevent further complications.

Early intervention can save you from pain and extensive dental work in the future. Discover some of the most important signs to watch for below.

Signs You Might Need a Root Canal

There are several signs that suggest you may require a root canal. One of the most typical symptoms is persistent tooth discomfort, particularly if it worsens with biting or pressure. Another red flag could be a continued sensitivity to heat or cold even after the stimulus has been eliminated.

Other signs include swollen or tender gums, darkening of the tooth, and a small bump on the gum near the painful tooth. If you experience any of these symptoms, you must consult a dentist promptly.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay the Root Canal

Delaying a root canal can lead to the infection spreading to surrounding teeth, gums, and even the jawbone. An untreated infection can cause the tooth to become abscessed, resulting in severe pain and swelling. 

In extreme cases, the infection can enter the bloodstream and pose a risk to overall health. By addressing the issue early, you can prevent the spread of infection and save the affected tooth while also preventing other complications.

Persistent tooth pain can significantly impact your daily life. Delaying treatment will only prolong your discomfort.

A root canal can relieve this pain by removing the infected or damaged tissue inside the tooth. Post-procedure discomfort is typically minimal and temporary compared to the ongoing pain of an untreated tooth.

Neglecting to treat a tooth that needs a root canal can result in the need for more extensive and expensive dental procedures in the future, such as extractions, implants, or bridges. A root canal is a cost-effective solution that can preserve your natural tooth.

Book Your Root Canal Appointment in Mt. Pleasant, MI

Recognizing the signs that you might need a root canal and acting promptly can save you from more complex dental procedures. Don’t ignore persistent tooth pain or other symptoms; they could indicate a serious issue. 

Do you suspect that you need a root canal or another dental treatment? If so, call us at 989-773-3560 and schedule an appointment with Kenneth Egger, DDS.