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New Home Care for a New Decade

Now that we’re in a brand new decade, you probably made even more resolutions than in a usual year. Figure out how to use one one-thousandth of the features on your phone. Change your passwords from the name of your cat+1234. Quit being mad that the Red Wings no longer have Pavel Datsyuk to make them fun to watch.

And take better care of your teeth.

We don’t know about those others, but Dr. Egger’s all in on the last one. Truth is, home hygiene is simple, taking about four and a half minutes, and it’s the sure way to prevent all sorts of heinous dental issues. Just about everything bad, from root canals to gum disease, can be prevented with some diligent home prevention.

Let’s go over the basics.

What is the proper way of brushing my teeth?

Twice daily is the proper amount for brushing your teeth, although you can do it three times if you want to keep your breath fresh for a meeting or something. Use a soft-bristled brush (bristles that are too stiff can damage your tooth enamel and make your gums recede) and use gentle pressure. Better yet, use an Oral B Electric Toothbrush. The ADA (see last month’s blog) recently approved these based on research showing they are more effective for most people .You should brush for around two minutes, 30 seconds per quarter of your mouth. Here’s how to brush teeth properly:

  1. Position your tooth brush at a 45-degree angle to the gums. Using small, circular strokes, gently brush the teeth while making sure that the bristles are also touching the gums. Use overlapping circles to cover all the tooth surfaces.
  2. When brushing, make sure the inner, outer, and biting surfaces of the teeth are included.
  3. Using the tip of the brush, clean the inner portion of your front teeth.
  4. It is important to brush the tongue as well to remove existing bacteria and to freshen up your breath. Hit the pockets on the sides of your tongue, too. And don’t miss the roof of your mouth.

What is the correct way of flossing my teeth?

You should floss between your teeth once daily. Flossing has two purposes. It removes food debris and plaque from between the teeth, and it stimulates the gums. Follow these steps to properly floss your teeth:

  1. Use a piece around 18 inches long. Wrap the thread around your middle fingers and leave 2 inches of thread in between your fingers.
  2. Use your thumbs and forefingers to gently insert the floss in between each tooth and clean the area following a sawing motion.
  3. Hold the floss in a “C” shape on each tooth as well as under the gumline. Move the thread up and down to clean every side of the tooth.

If you want more conveniece, you can purchase floss holders. Flavored floss? If you like cinnamon and cinnamon-flavored floss will make you floss regularly, then we say “Go for it!”

Now, you’re prepared for a new decade of healthy teeth. Of course, home hygiene needs to be supplemented with twice-yearly professional cleanings and exams with Dr. Egger and our team. Is it time for yours? Call us at (989) 773-3560 to make your appointment.