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Why Your Kids Have Bad Breath

Gingivitis Treatments Mount Pleasant, MI

Why Your Kids Have Bad Breath

You’re pretty sure your kids brush their teeth twice daily. They may even chew sugarless gum and munch on breath-freshening mints. But there are still times when their breath smells like the inside of a pair of hockey gloves (hockey players and their parents understand!).

What’s up?

Well, there can be other reasons for bad breath beyond accumulated plaque and bacteria in the mouth. There can be some other reasons that you probably didn’t know could lead to bad breath. So, before you dunk your kid in a vat of Listerine to combat his or her breath, see if the cause may be something other than oral hygiene.

Sinus infection

Want to create some bad breath? Allow fluids to collect in the nasal passages and the throat with a sinus infection. When this happens, bacteria have a party and get busy multiplying. Bad breath that can’t be remedied by brushing is the result. Ask you, child, if he or she has a sore throat or burning nasal passages, and then get them to a doctor for some antibiotics.

Swollen tonsils

Healthy tonsils should be bubble-gum pink and spot free. Infected tonsils are red, inflamed, can have white spots on them, and smell less than yummy. Bacteria can collect in the pits of swollen tonsils and create bad breath. An antibiotic should be able to address the infection, or the tonsils may need to be removed.

Dry mouth

Kids aren’t all that worried about drinking water, despite the fact that they’re running about like mad men and women. A lack of water means the mouth produces less saliva, and since part of the job of saliva is to wash away odor-causing bacteria, you know what’s coming — bad breath. This may seem like overkill, but dry mouth is not a good thing, as it can lead to tooth decay. So, encourage your kids to stay hydrated.

Decay and gingivitis

Once bacteria have signed a lease and have taken up permanent residence in your child’s teeth, decay is soon to follow. So is gingivitis (gum irritation). Once decay and oral infections have taken hold, brushing won’t mask the odor. Could be time to see Dr. Egger have a cavity taken care of.

See? Your child may not be the world’s worst tooth brusher. His or her bad breath could have other causes. To keep your kid on the right track with dental hygiene, make sure to keep your twice-yearly cleanings and exams with Dr. Egger. Call us at (989) 773-3560 to make your appointment.