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Independence Day Isn’t for the Crown

We just celebrated July 4th here in Mount Pleasant. Yep, we celebrated the day we ditched the crown, so to speak. While everyone is quite enamored with The Crown on Netflix, following the travails of Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the Royal Family, Dr. Egger is a bigger fan of the crowns in his dental family. 

Porcelain crowns. 

He loves crowns because they enable the patient to save their natural tooth from needing extraction. Certain problems, such as deep cracks or serious amounts of decay, can endanger the very survival of a tooth. That’s because the damage has weakened the tooth to the degree that it can no longer be used for chewing and biting without some help. 

That help comes from a dental crown. 

What does Dr. Egger use crowns for? 

Crowns can have a wide variety of uses. The most common are: 

  •     If a tooth is deeply cracked or worn
  •     If a tooth has a very large cavity
  •     If a tooth has a root canal procedure
  •     If a tooth is abnormally small, oddly shaped, or very discolored
  •     They provide the anchors on the heathy teeth on each side of a bridge

How are crowns placed? 

Fitting and placing a crown usually takes two appointments. During your first appointment, we remove any decay or other area of the tooth that is not savable. In cases where a tooth has extensive decay, it can’t be simply filled because the filling will occupy too large an area and won’t have the strength necessary for long-term chewing and biting. A crown is needed. 

To prepare your tooth for a crown, once Dr. Egger has removed any decay or damage, he shaves off some of the healthy portion of the tooth. This is necessary to make room for the crown to be fitted atop the tooth. Then we take dental impressions and send them off to the lab for the fabrication of your crown. While the crown is being made, we fit you with a temporary crown. 

When your crown is finished, you return for your second appointment, and Dr. Egger checks the fit. Then he cements the crown permanently onto your tooth. Any final shaping and polishing are done, and you’re good to go. 

So, give that damaged or decayed tooth the royal treatment — have Dr. Egger put a crown on it! Call us at our Mt. Pleasant office, (989) 773-3560, to make an appointment. Please remember that in the summer we are closed on Fridays.