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How Arestin Helps Solve Your Gum Problems


How Arestin Helps Solve Your Gum Problems

Periodontal Treatment, Mount Pleasant, MIPlaque is a sneaky little customer. You brush and floss and remove this sticky film that covers your teeth and is a fun playground for bacteria. But it doesn’t stay removed for long. As soon as you put your toothbrush back in your LittleMermaid toothbrush holder plaque is already starting to mount its next push.

Such is the day-to-day battle for the hygiene of your teeth and gums. Diligence is required in this battle. And a lack of sloth.

Ah, but slothdom and home oral hygiene can go arm in arm, and what follows is gingivitis and then periodontitis. Dr. Egger is an ally in this fight, and he enlists the help of a relatively new weapon, Arestin, to help.

Gum disease

Back to plaque. If you don’t get it off your teeth twice every day, that’s the start. Plaque forms from a mix of bacteria, bacteria by-products, and food residue. It’s easy to beat back behind enemy lines. But if you don’t pay attention, plaque builds and begins to turn into tartar, the hard, off-white, calcified stuff that forms in certain places in your mouth. Plaque and tartar begin to push under your gums and the gums aren’t happy about it. This is gingivitis quickly turning into gum disease.

Dr. Egger to the rescue

At this point, while Dr. Egger may be disappointed in your lackadaisical home hygiene when he sees your mouth, he probably won’t say so. No need to hurt anyone’s feelings here. He’ll just get to work repelling the invaders. This involves root scaling, where he goes under your gums and removes the tartar and plaque buildup. He usually uses a diode laser for this. Then he’ll smooth the same areas of the tooth roots — this is called root planning — to make them want to make up with the angry gums.

Bring on the Arestin

Arestin is another tool Dr. Egger brings to this gum fight. When your gums become irritated and begin pulling away from the teeth, they form pockets. These pockets are the perfect man cave for bacteria to hang out and watch daytime TV. But Dr. Egger places Arestin in these pockets. Arestin is made up of tiny microspheres, smaller than Lake Michigan sand grains, which are filled with antibiotics. By placing Arestin in your gum disease pockets, it helps wipe out the bacteria and get the gums to cozy back up to your tooth roots. And that’s the path to a happy mouth moving forward. And who wouldn’t want that?

If your gums are bleeding and look to be an angry red color, it’s time to call Dr. Egger, as you’re looking at gum disease. Call us at (989) 773-3560 to you’re your appointment.