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Gingivitis Treatment Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

Gingivitis Treatment
Statistics from the According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that approximately 50% of American adults suffer from some type of gum disease. One of the most notable diseases that individuals experience is gingivitis. Dr. Kenneth Egger, D.D.S., has extensive experience helping people who suffer from their condition improve their oral health with gingivitis treatment.

What Is Gingivitis Treatment?

Gingivitis treatment is designed to control the infection in a person’s gum and restore health to their teeth and gums. Several treatment options may be available, depending on the severity of the condition.

Prophylactic Cleaning

A biannual dental cleaning is the perfect way to remove tartar and plaque buildup on your teeth. Your dental hygienist will be able to point out problem areas and help clean places you may need help to reach.


When patients have a lot of tartar buildup under their gums, the next step is a scaling procedure. This procedure involves scraping the tartar off. Dentists will typically use metal dental tools to ensure a thorough cleaning is performed. If you feel uncomfortable during the process, topical anesthetics can be used to numb your gums.

Root Planing

This procedure is performed to eliminate any tiny grooves and pits in your teeth that provide bacteria with the perfect place to generate plaque. Removing these trouble areas by creating a nice, smooth surface for the roots of your teeth ensures your gums are able to adhere tighter and prevent bacteria from entering below the surface.

Why You Should Not Neglect Gingivitis

If you do not treat gingivitis, it can result in significant inflammation that turns into periodontitis. This severe gum disease can lead to an array of health problems and tooth loss. This makes it essential to reach out to our team right away to explore the options available for your gingivitis treatment.

Call Now to Schedule an Appointment

Dr. Kenneth Egger, D.D.S., has extensive experience helping individuals improve their oral health by providing trusted and effective gingivitis treatment. If you are interested in seeing how Dr. Egger can help you, contact us today at 989-773-3560 or use the online form to request an appointment.