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Gingivitis Isn’t Just for Redheads

Gingivitis Treatments

Gingivitis Isn’t Just for Redheads

Gingivitis is a fancy word. Really, many words that end in “itis” can be deemed to be fancy. In this case the fanciness is undeserved. Why?

Because gingivitis simply means gum inflammation. See, “gingivitis” seems a little overwrought now, doesn’t it?

But despite its fancy name, gingivitis isn’t really any big deal IF you take steps to remedy it. If you don’t, full on gum disease could be paying you a visit.

Symptoms of gingivitis

Dr. Egger is on a first-name basis with gingivitis, since patients come in with it every day. But you don’t have to be. Here are the common symptoms that your gums are inflamed.

Changes in color — Your gums should be the color of a piece of Double Bubble. Look for bright red patches and shiny area along the gum line. Those are signs of irritation.

Changes in feel — Healthy gums are moist to the touch and have a slightly bumpy surface. The edges should taper down to lie flat against the teeth, providing a seal against bacteria from getting under them. Inflamed gums are puffy and may be pulling away from the teeth.

Changes in shape — Your gums should be scalloped along the edges that lie against your teeth. They should cover the same amount of the tooth root on each tooth and both sides should look symmetrical when looking at your overall mouth. Advanced gingivitis makes your gums recede and pull away from your teeth. This exposure can make your teeth look longer and misshapen, and the changes can be permanent.

Changes in odor — Bad breath is not due to the garlic burger you ate for lunch. True, prevalent bad breath is caused by bacteria having its way in your mouth. This is a sign that plaque is building up on your teeth due to less than diligent brushing and flossing at home.

Changes in spit — Bleeding gums are unhappy gums, and you want your gums to be happy, don’t you? If you rinse your mouth and notice blood in your spit, that means your gums are bleeding. This is a sign of inflammation.

If you have any of the symptoms listed above, you need to do two things: step up your home hygiene, and call Dr. Egger for an appointment, 989-773-3560, before things get ugly.