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Fillings Don’t Have to Be Silver Any Longer

Formerly, almost all fillings were made of a silver-colored metal alloy called amalgam. This material was strong, resistant to wear, and inexpensive. That’s why if you look at the molars of older people, there will be at least a couple of areas where you can see silver when they open their mouth.

Tooth FillingBut composite fillings are becoming much more popular. Just like amalgam fillings, composite fillings are used to fill areas of a tooth that have been removed because they were filled with decay. The difference is that composite fillings are made of tooth-colored quartz-like materials, so they can’t be seen when the person with the filling opens his or her mouth.

Once the decayed material has been removed and the tooth is cleaned, the composite filling is placed on the tooth. This is done in a layering process. Once a composite resin layer is applied, it is immediately hardened using a “curing” light. Then the next layer is applied in the same fashion, continuing until the height and shape of the filling match the shape of the tooth.

What are the advantages of using composite fillings over silver fillings?

There is more to composite fillings than simply being virtually invisible on the teeth. They are also non-toxic and eco-friendly, as they do not contain mercury (silver amalgam fillings contain a variety of metals, including traces of mercury). Plus, they bond directly to the tooth’s surface, making them stronger. Composite fillings protect the tooth from fractures because healthy tooth structure does not have to be removed prior to the placement of a composite filling.

What are the disadvantages of using composite fillings?

Composite fillings cost more than amalgam fillings because composite material is more expensive. Plus, the process is more difficult and takes more time. Composite fillings also don’t last as long as amalgam. But recent advances in composite resins have strengthened the material, so composite fillings will continue to improve their durabilitiy.

If you’re interested in replacing your old silver fillings, or simply in opting to have any new fillings made from composite resin, discuss it with Dr. Egger. Call us today at 989-773-3560.