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The Crown That Isn’t on Netflix

dental crowns

The Crown That Isn’t on Netflix

Have you been watching the tasty series called The Crown on Netflix? It’s all about the rise of Queen Elizabeth and has more information for us non-monarchy types than we ever knew about royalty.

And the crown, literally. Yes, in episode five she actually puts on the real crown in her coronation. It’s heavy.

But that crown has nothing on the crowns that Dr. Egger is coronating his patients with every day in his Mt. Pleasant office.

What is a crown?

Beyond the jeweled sort, Dr. Egger places crowns on teeth that are either cracked, badly worn, or fractured. He places them on teeth with really large cavities. They often cover a tooth that has had a root canal. And he uses them to change the shape of a tooth that is misshapen or really discolored. Crowns are also the anchors for bridges, sitting on the two healthy teeth on each side of the gap.

A crown is a dental restoration, a prosthetic. Dr. Egger likes porcelain crowns, not because he’s some snooty type who only eats off porcelain dinnerware, but because they look great and last a long time. A crown fits over your natural tooth, all the way down to the gumline. It returns strength to a tooth that, like Superman when hit with some kryptonite, isn’t feeling so tough any longer.

How is a crown placed?

Getting a crown takes two visits, not a lengthy bloodline dating back hundreds of years. During your first visit, Dr. Egger evaluates your tooth, using x-rays to determine the damage in the tooth and what needs to be done. Next, he matches the color of your surrounding teeth with various porcelain shades.

Now comes the prep for the crown. To make room for the crown, Dr. Egger must shave off a portion of the healthy tooth. He does this right down to the gumline. Once this is done, we make a mold of your tooth, along with the opposing and adjacent teeth. We send the impressions off to the dental lab for the fabrication of your new crown. While we’re waiting for your new crown, Dr. Egger places a temporary crown on your tooth.

When your new crown comes to our office, you return for your second appointment. Dr. Egger checks the crown for fit and color match with the adjacent teeth. Then he places the crown with permanent dental cement, and does any residual shaping and polishing.

Now you know all about crowns, the dental sort. To know more about the jeweled sort, you’ll have to check out Netflix.

To make your next cleaning and exam appointment with Dr. Egger, call us at 989-773-3560.