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Arresting Periodontal Disease with Arestin®

ArestinYour know you should take care of your teeth. Just like you know you should clean the gutters out. Just like you know you should get new tires. Just like you know you should stop eating pork rinds.

But sometimes, the best intentions don’t lead to the follow-up behavior. In your mouth, this can lead to gum disease. But even though you didn’t do all of what you should have done at home, Dr. Egger has ways of addressing your gum disease, including a new prescription antibiotic treatment known as Arestin®.

Gum disease

OK, if you don’t get rid of that sticky stuff that forms on your teeth every day, that’s the beginning of the problems. Plaque forms from a mix of bacteria, bacteria by-products, and food residue and it covers the teeth. But you brush and floss it away twice daily so all is good.

Ah, but you don’t floss and you only brush in a cursory fashion. Then that plaque hardens into tartar that can only be removed by a dentist. And if that tartar starts to make its way under the gumline, now you have gingivitis and are headed toward periodontitis, otherwise known as gum disease.

Root scaling and planing

That’s where Dr. Egger comes to the rescue. He uses root planing and scaling, two scary sounding terms, to fight back. Root scaling and planing go beneath the gumline to remove the tartar down to the roots. Scaling is simply scraping off the tartar with a dental tool. Planing removes any tiny grooves or pits on your tooth roots.

Arestin® to the rescue

Dr. Egger now also uses Arestin® in addition to planing and scaling. Arestin Microspheres are tiny particles, smaller than grains of sand, filled with antibiotics that kill bacteria that are irritating the gums. When the gums pull away from the teeth during gum disease, pockets form. Bacteria love these pockets. Dr. Egger places Arestin in these pockets when performing scaling and planing and it helps kill the bacteria and get your teeth on the path back to health.

If your gums are bleeding and irritated, you may have the beginnings of gum disease. Call us at 989-773-3560 and let’s talk about addressing your gum problems.