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A Dental Crown to Help Your Smile: Why They Are So Important

Dental crown
A dental crown may be the best solution if you have recently undergone a root canal or have another dental issue. It is critical to understand how a dental crown can help and what makes it so important.

How a Dental Crown Can Help

Dental crowns play a crucial role in protecting the surface of your teeth just above the gum line. Having a dental crown placed over a vulnerable tooth can provide you with several benefits.

A Dental Crown Can Provide Protection to Exposed Teeth

If you have a tooth that is particularly weak or vulnerable, a dental crown will provide a layer of protection. Dental crowns are typically constructed of porcelain, metal, or ceramic. Each of these materials works exceptionally well at protecting the underlying tooth from any further damage.

They Can Improve the Aesthetics of Your Tooth

A dental crown can create a more attractive appearance for your tooth. A damaged, discolored, or broken tooth can seem unsightly in your mouth. In many instances, people become incredibly self-conscious about their smiles. A dental crown can be placed over the tooth, giving it a whiter and healthier appearance.

They Provide Additional Strength to Vulnerable Teeth

After receiving a root canal treatment, the nerve and pulp are cleared out to keep the existing tooth alive. After this removal process, the tooth can dry out and lose its strength. Placing a dental crown over the tooth can help prevent further damage and provide the strength to eat and use your teeth for other purposes.

Dental Crowns Provide Support

After losing a tooth, you can have a dental crown set in place as a replacement. The crown can effectively support a dental bridge, providing you with a natural look and allowing you to eat food properly.

Call Now to See if a Dental Crown Is Right for You

If you have a problem tooth and would like to see if a dental crown can help, contact

Dr. Kenneth Egger, D.D.S., today by calling 989-773-3560 or completing the online contact form. Dr. Egger will be able to meet with you and discuss all available options.